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2012 Recordati Polska sp. z o.o. seated in Warsaw is established – staring up business in Poland.
2012 Acquisition of Farma-Projekt sp. z o.o. from Cracow – extending the structures and portfolio of the Polish organization of Recordati.
2013 Process of integrating Recordati group companies in Poland; introducing Urorec (sylodosin) corporate drug to the local market and enriching the local product portfolio with Gynoxin (fenticonazole).
2014 Official merger of Recordati companies in Poland, launch of the company’s products: Lercan (lercanidipine) and Tolzurin (tolterodine) on the local market.
2015 In OTC line, introducing Uro Up 60 tablets and revitalization of Trachisept brand.
2016 Launch of the company’s products on the local market: Uprox XR (tamsulosin in prolonged release tablets) and start of Veral (Dilofenacum natricum; 10 mg/g (1%), gel) distribution.
February 2017 marketing of an original medicine under the name Lercaprel® on the Polish pharmaceutical market, the first and only compound medicine on the market, based on the combination of well-known ACE inhibitor - Enalapril and the cutting edge 3rd generation calcium channel antagonist - Lercanidipine.
May 2017 marketing of three new products under the Procto-Glyvenol brand. New products include Procto-Glyvenol Complex - a dietary supplement containing among others a patented form of diosmin - µsmin PLUS, supporting prevention and treatment of haemorrhoids and everyday hygiene cosmetics - Procto-Glyvenol Soft, based on dedicated ingredients which mitigate irritation and the feeling of discomfort, with soothing and anti-bacterial effect.
July 2017 Recordati S.p.A. acquired the rights to Betaloc ZOK®, an original metoprolol in the unique form of prolonged-release pills, from AstraZeneca.
October 2017 marketing on the Polish pharmaceutical market of OTC medicine, Gynoxin® OPTIMA, which constitutes an extension of the Gynoxin brand, which was available under prescription.
January 2019 Recordati Polska Sp. z o.o. extended its prescription medicines portfolio by the colonoscopy preparation agent - CitraFleet®.
May 2019 Recordati S.p.A. becomes the Marketing Authorization Holder for the medicinal products BETALOC® and BETALOC ZOK®.
December 2019 change of the availability category for Gynoxin® 600 mg and Gynoxin® vaginal cream from RX to OTC. That way, the portfolio of Gynoxin® OTC brand was expanded. Therefore, the market of OTC medicines used to treat genital infections offers the possibility of effective and very quick treatment for the first time - the patients can treat fungal infections using only one vaginal capsule which is administered once, thanks to the availability of the new Gynoxin® UNO medicine.
January 2020 Recordati Polska Sp. z o.o. introduced another medicine supporting treatment of the lower urinary tract, Soreca® containing solifenacin.
February 2020 the company supplements the line of medicines containing silodosin. The original Urorec® medicine is accompanied by the generic form of the medicine – Silodosin Recordati.
March 2020 expansion of indications for Gynoxin® medicines by mixed vaginal infections. The new, expanded indication for application of Gynoxin® medicines is treatment of mixed vaginal infections and candidiasis of genital mucous membranes.
February 2021 obtaining rights to the promotion of Eligard® (leuprorelin acetate) in the form of powder and solvent for solution for injection, administered every 1, 3 or 6 months. Eligard® is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists used in the treatment of patients with prostate cancer.
May 2021 Recordati S.p.A. becomes the Marketing Authorization Holder for the medicinal product Eligard®
September 2021 start of the promotion and distribution activities of Salaza® (mesalazine) in the form of gastro-resistant tablets and suppositories (500 mg, 1000 mg) used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.
March 2022 Start of the promotion and distribution activities of Rebutestin (170 mg sodium butyrate) and Rebutestin forte (340 mg sodium butyrate) - food for special medical purposes.