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History of Recordati Polska


Recordati Polska sp. z o.o. seated in Warsaw is established – staring up business in Poland.

2012 Acquisition of Farma-Projekt sp. z o.o. from Cracow – extending the structures and portfolio of the Polish organization of Recordati.
2013 Process of integrating Recordati group companies in Poland; introducing Urorec (sylodosin) corporate drug to the local market and enriching the local product portfolio with Gynoxin (fenticonazole).
2014 Official merger of Recordati companies in Poland, launch of the company’s products: Lercan (lercanidipine) and Tolzurin (tolterodine) on the local market.
2015 In OTC line, introducing Uro Up 60 tablets and revitalization of Trachisept brand.
2016 Launch of the company’s products on the local market: Uprox XR (tamsulosin in prolonged release tablets) and start of Veral (Dilofenacum natricum; 10 mg/g (1%), gel) distribution.

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