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History of Recordati Group

1926 The company is founded.
1953 Recordati is founded in Correggio –Emilia Region – as „Laboratorio Farmacologico Reggiano” by G. Recordati.
1961 Recordati is transferred to its new seat in Milan.
1984 Signing an exclusive license agreement with Syntex (now Roche), renewed regularly until 2005.
1995 Recordati is listed on the Italian Stock exchange for the first time.
1997 Opening the Spanish branch, now known as Recordati Espana in Madrid.
1999 Launch of Zanidip® preparation (lercanidipine).
2000 Acquisition of Doms Adrian, a French pharmaceutical company – as a result presence on two European markets.
2001 Acquisition of Bouchara, a French pharmaceutical group.
2002 Establishment of Bouchara Recordati in France, following the restructuring of the French company in 1999 and 2000.
2003 UK Medicines Control Agency issues a document (product license) confirming the market authorization for Zanidip® (lercanidipine) in 20 mg tablets.
2004 20 mg dose of lercanidipine is introduced in Germany, France and Australia.
2006 Acquisition of Merckle Recordati in Germany. Share distribution 4:1. Four new shares replace each issued share. Recordati Pharmaceuticals in Great Britain is established. Recordati Hellas Pharmaceuticals SA in Greece is established. A new branch is opened in Ireland.
2007 Acquisition of pharmaceutical operations of Grupo Jaba in Portugal. BfArM (German Drug Agency) authorizes Zanitek®/Zanipress®, a combination of lercanidipine and enalapril in fixed proportions.
Launch of Zanipress®. Acquisition of Orphan Europe.
2008 Acquisition of FIC and FIC Médical, a pharmaceutical chain operating in Russia and other countries of Commonwealth of Independent States. Acquisition of Yeni Ilaç, a Turkish pharmaceutical company.
2009 Acquisition of Herbacos-Bofarma, a pharmaceutical company operating in Czech Republic and in Slovakia.
2010 Market authorization in Europe of Urorec® and Silodyx™ 4mg, 8 mg (in hard capsules), designated for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Authorization of Carbaglu® (carglumic acid) by Food and Drugs Agency in USA for treatment of N-acetylglutamate synthase (NAGS) deficiency. Acquisition of ArtMed International, a company distributing pharmaceutical products in Romania. Market authorizations in Europe for pitavastatin (Livazo®, Alipza® and other preparations). Signing a European license agreement with American Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation for development and commercialization of NX-1207, which is in phase 3 of clinical research. The drug is applied in treating the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Authorization in Europe for extended application of Carbaglu® preparation (carglumic acid) in patients with hyperammonemia which occurs in three main types of organ acidosis. Acquisition of Turkish pharmaceutical company Frik Ilaç.

2012 Recordati Polska is established, with its headquarters in Warsaw – starting up business in Poland and acquisition of Farma-Projekt, a Polish pharmaceutical company. Acquisition of OTC products in Germany, Poland, Russia and Italy. Purchase of product portfolio designated for treating rare diseases in USA. Signing a European license agreement with Erytech for Graspa® (L-asparaginase closed in homologous red blood cells) for treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia.
2013 Acquisition of 90% of share capital of Opalia Pharma S.A., a Tunisian pharmaceutical company seated in Aryanah. Acquisition of 100% of share capital of Laboratorios Casen Fleet S.L.U., a Spanish pharmaceutical company seated in Madrid and a production plant in Utebo, Saragossa.

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